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Selling Art: Where to Start?

The first step as mentioned in my last blog post, is to set up a platform for your work.

Let’s say you already have a platform set up. Now it’s time to market your art.

Where do you begin?

One of the most vital keys to selling your art is to identify who you’re selling it TO. I’m going to break this down into three easy steps!

1. Identify characteristics: Think about the type of person who would be interested in purchasing your work. For example, if you sell giant paintings of puppies, maybe an animal shelter or animal activist group would want to put your painting in their lobby.

Start to brainstorm traits of your ideal audience member. Maybe they’re “open-minded”, “spiritual” and “really into puppies”. Don’t worry about getting it “right” or perfect. Just let your mind flow and see what comes out.

2. Where do they hang out? The next step is to figure out where your puppy-people (your ideal audience members) are hanging out. Does your ideal audience spend a lot of time on a particular facebook group? Maybe they love posting animal rescue stories on forums, blogs or online magazines.

3. Strike up a convo! This is the fun part because we are all social creatures and making connections to likeminded people is beautiful. I know it sounds simple, but all you really have to do is strike up a conversation with individuals who fall into your target demographic. There is nothing scheme-y or sales-y about it. That’s the best part of modern marketing! You get to be a real person and forge a real connection. When the time feels right, share your work with them. This is how authentic, life-long relationships are made.

Now, I want you to take action! Write down three traits of your “ideal audience member”. Identify one place on the internet that they might “hang out” and leave a positive message on that platform.

Let me know how it goes! Leave a comment and/or send me an email at contact@limitlessartists.com.

I would genuinely love to hear from you.

Much love,

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